Good Food. Good Mood.

The original Freshiez recipe was developed to help the steak lover in Founder, Wes Acker, kick his habit of over indulging in mass amounts of meat. He claims transitioning to a plant-based diet was one of the most difficult things he has ever done, and he never could have done it without Freshiez.

Wes developing a meat alternative from organic whole food ingredients for him and his fiancé, and they survived off of it for an entire winter. His creations ended up helping friends and family eat less meat and more veggies. Then everyone started to realize how much more energy they had, and how much better they felt. Some even lost lots of weight. All while having a positive impact on our environment.

So, on the first day of spring in 2017, Wes set out to help others. And that day Freshiez was born.

The priority has always been to produce irresistibly delicious food that is outrageously nutritious, that won’t ever change.



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