Meatless Butcher Box
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Meatless Butcher Box


The smartest way to eat.


Product Description

How does it work?

It’s simple…

  1. Place your order
  2. Open your door to chef crafted organic plant-based artisan meats
  3. Enjoy a happy healthy life full of great meals

What’s in the box?

The Meatless Butcher Box includes 16 delicious portions of organic plant-based artisan meat.

  • 6 Super Burgers
  • 1 Pound of Hearty Chili
  • 1 Package Taco Crumbles
  • 2 Herb Crusted Filets with Garlic Herb Butter
  • Butcher’s Special #1 (changes on a monthly basis)
  • Butcher’s Special #2 (changes on a monthly basis)
  • FREE Shipping, Cooler & Dry Ice
  • FREE Meal Ideas & Recipes Included


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